Vagina Fit

Innovative vagina fitness providing a result since the first use with the latest technology.

Our body degenerate as time passes, so as our lady's part.
After intercourses, birth giving or hormonal changes after menopause results in vagina firmness problem, dryness condition and even urinary incontinence or irritation. 

VAGINA FIT Vagina Fit is the new innovation for ladies, invented to restore vagina condition without going through any operation, but still gives the pleasant long-lasting result.

What is Vagina Fit ?

VAGINA FIT Vagina Fit is the method of treatment for lady's part from all developed problems and restore to normal condition without conventional repairing operation using new technology called "ThermiVa", certified and rightfully tested by USA-FDA and Thailand-FDA.

Vagina Fit suitability ?

Natural birth giving women
Women with long-term sexual intercourses
Enchant couple life after menopause
Women with urinary incontinence problem

Functions of Vagina Fit

  • 1.ThermiVa consists of Microprocessor to assess physical condition of vagina2.ThermiVa will create RF waves (Radio Frequency wave) to induce 42-45 degree Celsius heat, which is the tested temperature to be properly sensitive for intimate parts.
    3.The heat will be induced to the RF probe by the size of pen-tip at the intimate parts skin
    4.Applied mild pressure and massage gently outside and inside vagina for around 40 minutes


  • –  Help firm and stimulate elastin and collagen inside vagina. Restore flexibility to the muscles
    inside vagina
    –  Get rid of urinary incontinence problem
    –  Repair outside appearance, tighten and whiten the area after the first time use
    –  Balance pH and help dryness and odor problem

Effect period

  • – See the results after the first time
    – No recovering period
    – Distinct results after 1 week
    – Once a month cycle
    – 3-5 consecutive usages will last for 12-18 months
*Results depend on age and condition for each individuals

Preparation before Vagina Fit treatment

  • – Medical check-up in the morning before the treatment
    – Avoid treatment during monthly period or 3 days before-and-after menstruations
    – No infected condition in vagina

Self-Instructions after Vagina Fit

  • – Sexual intercourse is allowed 6 hours after the treatment
    – Normal daily-life activities after treatment