Health assessment to identify potential causes of the disease

Initial health assessment is conducted to identify the tendency of an illness or disease through a three-step real-time process without the need for fasting. The result of health assessment will indicate each individual’s state of health in a real time.
1. Live Blood Analysis

A blood sample collected from the finger-prick test is processed with a high-resolution microscope while blood cells are still alive. The objectives of live blood analysis are to analyze characteristics of the whole blood system, digestive and absorptive system, sex hormone balance, as well as the presence of antioxidants and toxic residues in the blood. The obtained results will be used to diagnose the malfunction of blood cells, detect blood cell degradation, and examine the tendency of diseases in order to provide appropriate methods of treatment and recovery.


What Can Live Blood Analysis Provide?

  1. Complete red blood cell count
  2. Degree of the damage of blood cells by antioxidants
  3. pH value
  4. Heavy metals and toxins
  5. Bacteria and fungi
  6. Digestive system
  7. Hormonal imbalance
  8. Deficiency of folic, vitamin B, and other minerals
  9. Risk of gout
  10. Transport of oxygen in the blood
2. Bio Feedback

Biofeedback is performed using a physical checkup device with the molecular resonance imaging technology (MRIT). The patient will be asked to wear headphones after which the device will transmit a signal and transfer electromagnetic data to be analyzed. The obtained data will consist of changes in the wave characteristics caused by body tissues, cells, chromosomes, and hormones that are specific to each cell and organ. Any changes that differ from the normal range indicate the tendency of specific symptoms, which consequently allows an effective prevention for the patient.

What Can Biofeedback Analyze?

  • Abnormality of main organs, including brain, heart, liver, kidney, lungs, stomach, small intestine, colon, windpipe, and bronchus
  • Risk of serious diseases, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer
  • Analysis of backbone strength
3. Doctor Counselling

Health assessment is performed by a team of specialized physicians who are responsible for analyzing the results of live blood analysis and biofeedback in conjunction with providing health advices. If you have a health issue or are at a high risk of a particular disease, the physicians will arrange a blood test for further treatment.