Strengthen immunity and optimize body functions.

Multi Cocktail Infusion

Add essential nutrients to the cells.

Although we consume all of the five food groups, we may still experience fatigue or immune deficiency, which is caused by an insufficient consumption of each food group that does not meet the needs of our bodies.

The objectives of multi cocktail infusion is to provide nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in order to fulfill the body’s needs. Multi cocktail infusion is performed by mixing the infusion, which includes antioxidants and amino acids, in a saline bottle and supplying it directly to the blood vessels for one hour in order to strengthen the body’s immune system and treat various conditions.

Who is Multi Cocktail Suitable for?

– Those who have asthma.

– Those who have migraine.

– Those who regularly experience muscle pain.

– Those who have allergies.

How Often Should You Undergo Multi Cocktail Infusion?

This depends on factors and purposes of the therapy. If you have a health condition that is directly associated with immunity and malnutrition, the frequency of undergoing a liver detox will depend on the physician’s discretion, which is generally 4-5 times per week. However, for healthy individuals who intend to undergo the therapy for the purpose of age retardation, it is safe to do it once per week.