Personalized Care

We offer treatments that are specifically designed for each individual, which can be divided into cell treatment and cell therapy.

Cell Treatment

Cell Therapy

Cell Treatment

Detox and provide essential nutrients to the body that are specific to each individual.
Body detoxification
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Strengthen immunity and optimize body functions.
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Cell Therapy

Optimal body rehabilitation is available in three types.
Energy enhancement
The use of stem cells to regenerate cells
Organ-specific cell regeneration

Learn with Cell Therapy

Throughout the human’s lifetime, body cells will gradually decline or deteriorate over time. Some cells will be destroyed and cannot return to their functions. As more cells start to die, diseases and senescence will inevitably occur. Accordingly, cell therapy was developed and is regarded as one of the most direct and effective methods in repairing body cells.
What is Cell therapy ?
Cell therapy is performed by directly supplying energy to the cells through the use a catalyst, which consequently restores the functions of cells and maintains the body’s health.
Why Do We Use Cell Therapy ?
To treat root causes of illness. This will help to repair and restore the body directly to the point and also positively affects the body's overall functioning.
When Should Cell Therapy Be Used ?
When you experience body abnormality, such as some activities in which you were able to do them in the past but no longer able to do them, or painful feeling in the organs. These symptoms indicate that the body cells are degenerating.
How Does Cell Therapy Work ?
The period of treatment and results of the cell therapy depend on the health conditions of each individual. According to a specialized physician, cell therapy can be divided into three terms as follows:

The 1st

Immediately after the cell therapy, components of cells will be absorbed and transferred to the bloodstream. At this stage, cell therapy will optimize and improve the body’s functions.

The 2st

Approximately two weeks after the cell therapy, cells will be classified into groups and the immune system will adapt itself. This stage of cell therapy may result in temporary fatigue and mood instability.

The 3st

During the third and fourth week of cell therapy, cells begin to degenerate and continue to do so for 4-6 months. New cells will be produced and damaged cells will be repaired, resulting in an improved overall health.

How to Use Cell therapy Optimally ?
The use of the cell therapy is not restricted only to patients with certain diseases. Rather, the optimal use of cell therapy is based on medical assessment. Prior to undergoing the cell therapy, the patient must be physically examined in order to identify the root cause of the disease. Accordingly, a “specialist” is necessary to provide optimal treatments and guidance, or design a method of treatment to deliver the best result.