Osteoarthritis can be treated without surgery.

The most common cause of osteoarthritis is age degradation. Meanwhile, the secondary causes of osteoarthritis are arthritis and chronic diseases, as well as improper uses of knee, incorrect exercises, obesity, severe inflammation of the knee, including ligaments, gout, and chronic rheumatoid, deformation of the knee or leg at birth or after an accident, and fracture subluxation.

Brio Clinic uses “chiropractic” – a medical science that focuses on treatments of spine, intervertebral discs, muscles, ligaments, and problems of joints and nervous system. We emphasize on treating disorders relating to body structure and movements by using the technique of reforming bones and joints without the use of medicine, needle, or surgery.


Who is Bone & Joint Suitable For?
– Those who experience pain when bending or stretching knees.
– Those who experience symptoms such as muscle stiffness after waking up.
– Those with joint deformity.

– Those who have loose knees, instability when standing, or walking imbalance.

– Those who have chronic back pain.