Specific fine thread lifting for specific area treatment: different threads are used for each specific skin structure and facial shape.

Vampire Cannula

Fine thread lifting technique with growth factor filling in order to reduce fascia-related problems.

EZ Cannula PDO (Polydioxanone) series is suitable for those who encounter the problems of wrinkles, as well as drooping eyebrows or eyelids and double chin.

Our physician will insert a small thread under the skin. The thread fibers will stimulate the production of collagen, which consequently tightens and firms the skin. Results are immediately visible after the treatment. Moreover, the inserted thread will naturally dissolve and are safe on the skin with no side effects.

Ez Cannula Series provide effective skin treatments without the use of surgical procedures.

– Lift the eyes and eyebrows that subsequently treat the problems of drooping eyelids.

– Raise the angle of the mouth, and hence, providing oral solution.

– Adjust the shape of the chin (V-shape).

– Slim down the sagging skin.

– Remove wrinkles under chin (wilt)

– Stimulate the formation of collagen, resulting in smooth skin.

Incorporation of Growth Factor

Ez Cannula Series is combined with the blood growth factor to repair “fibromyalgia” cells that are responsible for collagen production. These fibromyalgia cells will deteriorate with age, resulting in lower production of collagen.

The results of blood growth factor are:

– Improved functions of fibromyalgia cells

– Increased production of collagen

– Bright and long-lasting skin

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